Claudia Ioana Vasiliu


I am a freelance Sound Designer based in Glasgow. I also co-funded a community radio station. Sometimes I make music for fun or produce radio shows ︎



Year: 2020
Length: 9’ 03”
Director: Christof Nüssli
Camera: Florian Dombois, Christof Nüssli, Christoph Oeschger
Editing: Christof Nüssli
Sound design/Music: Claudia Vasiliu
Audio: Stereo
Format: HD Video
Acknowledgements: with Videos from Christof Nüssli, NASA, US Department of Defense and Florian Dombois, Christoph Oeschger, Fabian Gutscher (Research Focus Transdisciplinarity, ZHdK)

Selected Clients

Easy Animal Studio & Netflix
(2021, more info soon)
Sound Design/Music: Ana Roman &
Claudia Vasiliu